Build strong, authentic relationships with your community, clients, consumers, employees…

Business Development

Identify, analyse, develop and implement innovation and targeted decision making.


Interact with your stakeholders through speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behaviour.


Support strategic planning in the design and running of meetings, workshops and community events.

Engagement Timeline

The more we engage the more we learn. How is engagement changing over time?

  • 20th Century
  • Early evaluation and qualitative research

    Engagement is considered a factor of organisational psychology. Early evaluation methods and the introduction of qualitative research involve public opinion. Communities are still quite separate from organisations.

    Early 20th Century

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    CSR gains popularity in business. Government and organisations embrace engagement on reaction to public issues such as pollution. Community concern for social issues grow.


  • OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

    The guidelines integrate engagement into business ethics. Engagement involves consultation and dialogue channels open as systematic engagement is adopted for risk management and program delivery


  • Engagement tools and methods advance

    Appreciative inquiry, samoan circle and open space are introduced. Engagement tools and methods move toward outcome based civic engagement


  • IAP2

    IAP2 is launched in the US bringing a more standardised approach to public participation. Engagement theory becomes more strategic; based around collaboration, problem solving and thought leadership


  • Rio Declaration on Environment and Development

    Sustainability principles are outlined in the UNEP Rio Declaration. Engagement is incorporated as a critical factor in achieving shared values, green and sustainable business models


  • Shell Oil spill

    Public backlash over the Shell oil spill forces industry change. Organisations become more accountable to their stakeholders.


  • AccountAbility

    AccountAbility is established in the UK. Engagement becomes a key to corporate accountability and social license


  • 21st Century
  • Facebook

    Facebook changes the way people communicate.


  • Twitter & Crowdsourcing

    Crowdsourcing is introduced and Twitter transforms the blogosphere. Engagement is no longer just the realm of government, NGOs and large multinationals. It is adopted readily as a marketing and business improvement tool for all business levels.


Focus Areas

Where I work best

Empowering community driven organisations to make a meaningful difference through engagement and communication.


  • Non-government organisations (NGOs)
  • Not for profit community organisations
  • Government agencies
  • Local government
  • Health, mental health and cultural services


Facilitating positive change in corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, business improvement and community support.


  • Small and medium business enterprises
  • Corporations


Improving sustainability outcomes through community support, strategic planning, business improvement and skills training.


  • Natural resource management (NRM)
  • NGOs
  • Environmental/sustainable organisations
  • Research
  • Science and technology
  • Agriculture


Integrating engagement to advance sustainability, communication, social license and compliance


  • Renewable energy
  • Organics
  • Research